As far as i see, nothing is debatable concerning relationship strategies suggested about foregoing
As far as i see, nothing is debatable concerning relationship strategies suggested about foregoing
As far as i see, nothing is debatable concerning relationship strategies suggested about foregoing

Japanese Diary Postmarks

The fresh new numbers represent reign several years of japan Emperors. These types of reign-year/Gregorian schedule sales are strongly related to prewar Japanese picture postcards (1900-1945):

Using the statutes created in more than part to own Episodes I-IV, it is usually clear and this leadership months good postcard falls into. Eg, 12 months “10” can't be Meiji 10 (1877), as there was indeed no photo postcards from inside the 1877. Should your postcard is Several months III (1918-1933) [it offers a “ka” in the place of good “ga” in “hagaki”], upcoming “10” means “Taisho ten” otherwise 1921. Although not, if the cards are Months IV (1933-1945), then it is “Showa ten” otherwise 1935.

The amount “7” around column would make a cards sometimes 1918 (Taisho 7) otherwise 1932 (Showa seven), all of and that belong to Period III. As a whole, postcards out of 1918 and you may 1932 are sufficiently other regarding lithographic technology, thematic emphasis, or any other points to make a determination you can easily.

Gregorian Calendar Postmarks

The fresh new authored content was dated “The fall of. dos,” therefore we can infer that the “step 3.11” relates to step three November, hence the fresh new credit are postmarked with the November 3, 1923. This date is similar to the Several months III marks towards remainder of the cards.

Adopting the rules intricate a lot more than, we figure out the letter is signed by the a page-copywriter titled Nobuyuki from inside the Busan [“Fusan”], Korea with the December tenth, 1911. The brand new card found its way to Shimonoseki, Japan toward December 11th, and in Kobe, Japan towards the December 12th, and probably arrived when you look at the The fresh Bedford, MA, U . s . on January 11th, 1912. The newest weak draw out of “Meiji 49” is seen about postps box, discussing you to an effective “normal” postmark has also been connected to that particular postcard at the same time with these a lot more “foreign” appearances.

Japanese Diary having Sino-Japanese Numerals

Most other notes possess each other types of postmarks. On cards lower than, brand new Sino-Japanese numeral postped several months prior to when the newest Hindu-Arabic numeral postmark.

Sexegenary (60-year duration) Age

Lastly, Japanese postcards passing from the Republic out-of China (????) postal program was sometimes marked with 60-season years decades. The next cards try postmarked in the on 26th, 1914:

The year “??” is actually an effective ?? otherwise “Stem-Branch” otherwise “sexegenary-cycle” year title, that has an extremely old pedigree in the China, The japanese, Korea and other cities. So it chart assigns Gregorian Calendar years in order to “stem-branch” years:

The above mentioned guide is subject to update much more studies gets offered and my personal lookup work deepen. This research is created you'll from the Eric Luhrs, James Griffin III, and you can Paul Miller during the Lafayette School Digital Grant Attributes. This group could have been designing software, capturing photo, producing pdf data, and you will or even putting thousands of pictures inside my hands, where you could link these types of all sorts of facts into the an important way.

To own an easily accessible however, thorough addition in order to reign many years while the stem-branch period, I recommend this website article of the “Kristen D.”

To own an intensive number click to read of dining tables so you're able to line-up the fresh new Korean, Japanese, and you may Chinese calendars into the Gregorian Diary, back once again to ancient times, the following is crucial to have students who want to day artifacts during the East Asian History:

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